New Market Entry - Healthcare Supply Chain Trading Exchange

New healthcare e-commerce exchange required shift in focus to supply chain automation by provider organizations. Effective marketing strategies and thought leadership programs drove exchange to 85% market share.

The launch of a new healthcare trading exchange, which provided transparency and automation beyond EDI transactions, promised increased industry savings.  But to measure and demonstrate these savings to provider and supplier organizations demanded critical metrics and data be established, which reflected specific areas where process improvements and cost reductions could be achieved.

Corporate Event Establishment - Healthcare Industry Collaboration

As healthcare providers and suppliers began to adopt technology to automate supply chain processes, it became clear that greater collaboration and improvement of shared processes was needed. A new forum was created: The Healthcare Supply Chain Summit.

Startup Launch - Med-Surg Business Intelligence Solutions Branding

This CEO had a new idea for healthcare manufacturers and distributors: one that aggregated market, sales and clinical data, all of which was current, clean and accurate. The outcome would be to maximize sales performance, increase marketing effectiveness and optimize revenue. The challenge? No unifying brand to tell the story. Brand discovery, with all team members, led to cohesive branding, messaging and market strategy. Within two and a half years, the company was so successful that it was acquired, setting the CEO on the path to his next venture.

Public Relations Strategy – Healthcare Thought Leadership Development

A strong industry presence is built in a variety of ways; successful public relations can help capture hearts and minds of customers and prospects, industry thought leaders, and potential business partners.  This leading healthcare technology company increased media coverage over 500% in 5 years.

Fundraising Strategy - Major Non-profit Organization Donor Participation

A major regional non-profit with ambitious fundraising goals was looking for ways to increase donor participation and donations. By applying strategic campaign strategies to more segmented audiences, and by adjusting traditional donor events to better engage participants, yearly donations increased by 42% compared to the previous year.

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