Clarity Marketing Organization provides adjunct leadership staffing for a variety of marketing-related roles –

from stepping in as your CMO to providing resources needed to plan, implement, manage and measure

marketing and campaign strategies.

When you partner with us, you'll be leveraging proven marketing expertise

that's built successful healthcare technology companies.  

Chief Marketing Officer

  • Provides overall marketing leadership, direction, and strategy

  • Creates market awareness, thought leadership

  • Develops short and long-term marketing plans

  • Makes budgeting and staffing recommendations

Brand Director

  • Lead branding or rebranding effort

  • Facilitation of discovery sessions

  • Message and creative development

  • Management of internal and external rollout plans

Marketing Program Director

  • Provides integrated campaign planning

  • Creative and content direction

  • Staffing alignment and assignment

  • Project execution oversight and measurement

Campaign Director

  • Develops campaign plans and strategies

  • Drives creative design

  • Runs and manages campaigns

  • Measures results

  • Provides reports to sales and marketing leadership

Field Marketing Director

  • Provides marketing and sales alignment processes

  • CRM technology optimization for seamless lead-to-close processes

  • Sales toolkit development

Industry Relations Director

  • Develop industry relations strategy

  • Develop public and media relations strategy

  • Industry event planning and optimization

  • Leadership speaking engagement development

Corporate Event Director

  • Plans, develops and manages internal corporate events

  • Develops content, program strategy, theme and imagery, speakers for external corporate events

  • Plans and executes trade show attendance to maximize effectiveness

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