Why Clarity Marketing Organization Fills a Healthcare Market Need
~ Cheryl Flury

Today, I announced the formation of Clarity Marketing Organization (CMO), a consulting group designed to provide marketing leadership and services to healthcare companies. As a long-time healthcare marketing professional, I know that healthcare is experiencing significant growth, particularly in the technology segment, where organizations are addressing challenges including cost and quality of care, patient outcomes and satisfaction, and improvement and alignment of business processes. I started CMO because start-up, small and midsize companies don't have the marketing leadership they need to determine and implement strategic programs, while larger organizations need ways to adapt to more competition and optimize their marketing departments. I realized I could provide the resources companies need, without the overhead and expense of full-time marketing leadership staff.

CMO provides marketing expertise to companies ready to extend their reach and capabilities. We’re here to help healthcare organizations build their market presence, advance thought leadership, and achieve growth goals. Every member of our team is a highly-experienced healthcare expert who has successfully built market-leading companies from within.

CMO offers a range of services that can be adjusted based on an organization’s needs. The company can:

  • Provide an adjunct Chief Marketing Officer

  • Support specific on-demand projects requiring healthcare marketing expertise

  • Deliver ongoing strategic services, including thought leadership programs, branding and positioning, voice of customer and customer retention programs, public and industry relations, and customer and corporate events

  • Create and support downstream activities including campaign development, sales and marketing alignment, funnel analysis, ROI tools and measurement   

A more efficient, sustainable industry based on cost, quality and patient outcomes is the key improving healthcare. CMO has been formed to help achieve this goal. We're committed to helping healthcare businesses positively impact patient care, by achieving the industry presence, solution adoption, and revenue goals needed for success.