Public Relations Strategy – Healthcare Thought Leadership Development

A strong industry presence is built in a variety of ways; successful public relations can help capture hearts and minds of customers and prospects, industry thought leaders, and potential business partners. With the foundation of a strong brand and strategic corporate messaging, this healthcare technology company overcame initial market resistance and built a thought-leading industry consortium that advanced the healthcare supply chain and reduced billions of dollars in cost.


For this organization, success meant participation by all constituents of the healthcare supply chain. But there were perceptions that had to be overcome, as the initial impression was one of more benefits to supplier organizations than provider.

Initial press coverage ranged from neutral to negative. In an uncertain environment, the public relations team launched a focused campaign to prove the savings and value of conducting e-business through a single industry exchange. A team of industry experts – including analysts, customer thought leaders, industry groups and internal subject matter experts – were unified in the belief that cost savings could be achieved if healthcare conducted business through a single exchange. Working in concert, the public relations team built a compelling story of achievable savings and clear efficiencies.

Over the course of 5 years, media presence increased 500%. The team developed and launched a public relations program that led to recognition in NY Times, Dow Jones, WSJ, and healthcare publications, contributing to a shift in customer perception.  Over time, public relations efforts created positive industry opinions and garnered support for the idea of a single trading exchange supporting the entire industry. Customer support grew, as it became apparent that a member-focused model was beneficial to all.

  • Focused effort on public relations strategy and resources increased media coverage by 500% over 5 years, resulting in coverage in NY Times, Dow Jones, Wall Street Journal, and key healthcare publications.

  • The organization led all competitors in media coverage, achieving 38% more coverage than closest competitor (a significantly larger, publicly-held company).

  • The organization achieved the industry leadership position, with 85% of medical-surgical procurement transactions being processed through the exchange.