Established Corporate Event - Healthcare Industry Collaboration

A supply chain is only as good as the collaboration between its participants. As healthcare provider and supplier organizations began their respective paths toward greater automation, it became clear there was a need to adjust shared business processes. What started as a small meeting of suppliers became the healthcare industry’s largest event for providers and suppliers to work together to improve supply chain processes and results.


As healthcare organizations began adopting technology to advance supply chain automation, it became clear that providers and suppliers needed to improve both internal and shared business processes. There were gaps and differences in approaches within organizations; and it was vitally important to close gaps in ways that didn’t create problems among trading partners.

A meeting that began with a small group of provider thought leaders presenting to a small group of supplier supply chain leaders became the first step toward industry collaboration. From this early panel discussion, a cross-functional dialogue was created.  The marketing team created numerous ways to bring together providers and suppliers to solve both shared and unique problems.

An annual event called the Healthcare Supply Chain Summit was created, and over time, grew from being a small group of suppliers, to become healthcare’s leading cross-functional supply chain event, hosting approximately 850 people for 3 days each year.

Strategies for success included:

  • Organizing an annual advisory board of provider and supplier thought leaders to identify trends and changes in healthcare and supply chain strategies

  • Created the overarching topics most relevant to all supply chain participants

  • Ensuring collaboration was part of all sessions and presentations at the event

  • Satisfaction ratings from attendees averaged 4.6 on a 5 point scale

  • Grew overall attendance 56% over 4 years, including 87% increase in  executive attendance

  • Business results produced 12:1 ROI; increased closed revenue resulting from event 44% over 4 years

  • Delivered on-budget, consistently within 1-2% of planning forecast

  • Annual event provided a specific time and location for continuing education, market research, user groups and product launches