CMO offers resources, expertise, and support to measure results - whether evaluating and launching internal marketing efforts or supporting your customer's experience when utilizing your solution. 

Marketing must demonstrate effectiveness relative to the organization's bottom line and the utilization of key metrics and reporting will drive the critical outcomes for communication of this value.

Why Measure?

When it comes to determining marketing effectiveness from your organization's perspective, your end goal should be to present a comprehensive picture of how your marketing efforts contribute to the company’s bottom line. 


Every action your marketing team initiates should be measurable and informed. 


In addition, customer analytics and the measurement of customer value in the marketing process is measured from the customer's perspective.  The results not only provide proof of value to your internal stakeholders but can be leveraged to move new business through the pipeline when the information is utilized in testimonials, case studies and/or repurposed for future campaign strategies.



Together, you've got a one-two punch to reach your sales goals. 

Digital Analytics

  • Email

    • Open and Click Through Rates (CTR)

    • Unsubscribe

  • Website SEO

    • Visitors; unique visitors

    • Traffic by sources or channels

    • Interactions per visit

    • Time on site

    • Site Returns

    • Bounce Rates
    • Channel (mobile vs. desktop)
  • Ads/offers

    • CTR (click-through rate)

    • CPV (cost per visitor) vs. RPV (revenue per visitor)

  • Mobile messaging

    • CTR

  • Social media

    • Followers

    • Shares, Likes, Forwards

    • CTR

    • Analysis of top posts to examine customer behaviors

  • Engagement Metrics (Blogs, etc.)

    • Comments

    • Session duration

    • Page Depth

  • Corporate, product and process videos

    • Views

    • CTR

    • Downloads

  • Webinar planning, creation, promotion and reporting

    • Signups

    • Attendees

    • Questioners

  • News Releases & Articles

    • CTR

    • Downloads

  • Lead Metrics

    • New leads generated

    • Existing leads touched

    • Funnel conversion rate

  • Sales Metrics based on "first-touch"

    • Pipeline generated

    • Pipeline touched

    • Revenue influenced​

Campaign Analytics - Rolling Up Digital Results Into the Bigger Picture

Campaign analytics roll up the digital pieces that are part of the campaign with the other campaign components. These may include print & media impressions, trade show and event attendance and other non-digital outreaches. When these are collected, we'll measure the efficacy of each component of the campaign was, and how as well as the overall campaign in comparison to the campaign goals. We'll then provide recommendations on future campaign strategy. 

Customer Value

Customer value is the measurement of the impact of your products and services on your customer. To determine your customer value, we:


  • Create an interview and ongoing data gathering process from customers to outline each step of the process used with your product. 

  • We validate all insights derived from industry partners, customers (ongoing), and third-party auditors

  • We create flexible dashboard views for the customers' unique needs

  • We train Sales on value assessment tools and support the Sales team in presentations as needed

  • We continue to validate within the healthcare industry, with internal stakeholders, and ensure the tool allows for market changes and new products


*CMO will support technology alignment and support resources for your specific measurement needs along with educational assistance and ongoing reporting if needed or requested.

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