Launched Brand for Startup - Med-Surg Business Intelligence Solutions

Med-Surg Solutions was led by a CEO with a great idea, deep knowledge of healthcare distributors and manufacturers, a strong technology team and excellent selling skills. What he didn't have was a brand, beyond the name (Med-Surg Solutions) and a sailboat logo, or a market plan for the first year of business.


First, we gave the CEO and his small team a simple branding survey. What we found was not atypical: team members, including the CEO, were each on different pages when it came to their market, their competitors, their product and business goals, and more. When we presented the findings, they were naturally surprised. We worked with them to consolidate the answers and agree upon what their company represented, their primary market, and where they wanted to go, as a team. From there, We came up with key company and product messaging, top market differentiators and selling points, which in turn, led to ideas for logos and taglines. It turns out – no surprise – that none of the identity outcomes had anything to do with sailing.

By the time we'd reached this point, the CEO was as eager as we were was to sink the sailboat logo, and for us to develop a cohesive brand through messaging, tagline, imagery and finally logo, all of which aligned to match the business space and the company's purpose and identity. Using these building blocks, we were quickly able to refine his existing website and a create year-long marketing plan that included integrated marketing campaigns and a defined sales process. For those campaigns, we developed a suite of connected, reusable components, such as emails, advertising, social media, web content, brochures, presentations, webinars and trade show attendance.


A clear identity, messaging and plan of action ultimately created a successful business, which was, within three years, bought out by a bigger business. Why? Because not only did it the startup have a track record of substantial sales but, because the brand was well thought out, the company gave the impression of clarity of purpose and professionalism; for the investor, this was a huge draw.


Key outcomes included:

  • Brand awareness through trade shows and public relations

  • Traction in the marketplace, with $2M in sales within the first four months

  • Two joint partnerships with funding to resell key products, due to the company's robust selling cycle

  • Purchase by MDSI, the publisher of Repertoire and owner of The MAX market intelligence product, in order to provide actionable data to vendor-customers by marrying MSS’s information with The MAX market data on hospitals, IDNs, GPOs, regional purchasing coalitions and accountable care organizations.